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worksonsailors's Journal

Works On Sailors: a Harry Sullivan fan community
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Vira: You claim to be med-techs?
Doctor: Well, my doctorate is purely honorary, and Harry here is only qualified to work on sailors.

From Harry's Wikipedia article:

[Harry] Sullivan was a doctor in the Royal Navy, who was attached as medical officer to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, the military organisation to which the Doctor acted as the scientific advisor. ... Sullivan was rather old-fashioned and stereotypically English in his attitudes. He often employed slightly archaic language, for example, referring to Sarah affectionately as "old thing". He was nonetheless depicted as possessing great bravery and a "make-do" attitude, adapting well to the many strange situations in which he found himself. He could, however, also be quite clumsy and unsubtle, leading the Doctor to once declare, in a moment of frustration, that "Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!" Nonetheless he was shown to be well-liked by the Doctor and Sarah, the latter with whom he often had a slightly flirtatious relationship.

This is a community for all things related to Harry Sullivan. Because he is an imbecile and we love him for it. :D

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