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Fic: Murder at Mill Cottage

Title: Murder at Mill Cottage
Author: lost_spook
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Harry Sullivan, Sarah Jane Smith, Miss Marple, Various other DW characters.
Warnings: AU. technically, it's a This Time Round story, so this is why I can do a Miss Marple parody with not only Harry as the local GP (and narrator) and Sarah as a visiting reporter, but cast the rest of the village with minor and major Who characters. Don't worry about it. This one should just work as a Christie-spoof starring Harry. (But if one or two characters happen to notice they're in a story, that's the TTR side of things...)
Summary: Harry's the local GP in Nether St Yorick. Reporter Sarah Jane Smith arrives and before you know it, there's a murder and, since Inspector Mackenzie is completely clueless, it's up to Harry and Sarah to solve the mystery. It probably would be better if they left it to Miss Marple, but Sarah doesn't think a little old lady is going to be much help...

(Just posted the link as it's several chapters long.)
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